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Clockwise to thten chain ) ( Rotate the same amount on both eyelet nuts. If you turn the left side 3 turns, turn the rht side the same turns ) 5.

Apollo Agb-36 250cc Dirt Bike

SAE 10w40 is used when it comes time for an oil change (approximately every 1000 miles or when dirty). Stand the bike uprht; you should be straddling the bike. Pull the start cord out steps 3 and 4 until the bike starts.**** 6. Have the rider sit on the bike with his or her full weht on the vehicle. With your thumb and index finger, grab the chain at its midway point between the two gear sprockets. The chain must have play / wgle room of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch.

Apollo Agb-36 250cc <u>Dirt</u> <u>Bike</u>

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91 - 93 octane premium unleaded fuel is recommended. Like an automobile, please periodiy check the oil level. Put the choke lever in the open position ( the white lever in the UP position ).* 3.

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Make sure the white choke lever is in the open position ( white lever UP ). Failure to do so may result in the chain breaking or falling off. Locate the two large axle nuts on either side the rear wheel axle. With two wrenches or socket drives, loosen the axle nuts approximately two to three full turns. Locate the two nuts on the eyelets (silver color) that are connected to the axle towards the rear of the frame. Either loosen or thten the eyelet guides to achieve desired chain tension ( 0.5 - 0.75 inches of play ) ( Turn eyelet nuts counter-clockwise to loosen chain.

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