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To make this using a RPN calculator we do 2 ENTER 2 As we can see in RPN mode we first enter the data pressing the ENTER key after every data (except for the last in HP's RPN) and then we So algebraic calculators are ambuous because the many ways they work.

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An alternative HP-42S/Free42 Manual(Version 0.6)2005Author: José Lauro Strapasson, [email protected] Index Index 1 Introduction 2 Basic Operations 3 Memory 4 Probability 5 Complex numbers 6 Programming 7 Using the Solver 8 Numeric Integration 9 Statistics 10 Matrices 11 Other Bases 12 Flags License for this manual 1 Introduction Since HP-42S was a very nice calculator, and its official manual is no longer freely available and there were many people looking for its manual, seemed good to me to write my own HP-42S manual.

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Example: To make a simple operation like 2 2 in a normal algebraic calculator we do 2 2 = which give to us 4.

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B) Got the Free42 simulator and want 2 Basic Operations 2.1 RPN HP-42S as most old HP calculators was a RPN calculator. In RPN we first enter data and then we enter the mathematical operations.

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