Steves Dicams - Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS - User

Hmmm), Chris Rainier (a former Adams assistant), James Natchwey, Jock Sturges, George Hurrell, William Klein, Mary Ellen Mark... A line which has stuck with me for many years, attributed to a National Geographic editor (Robert Gilka): "We're up to our armpits in great photographers, but up to our ankles in good ideas." Keep your eyes open, and good hunting!

DCRP Review Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS

Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams (always the only landscape shooter in lists like this...

<em>Canon</em> PowerShot <em>Pro90</em> IS Dital Photography Review

Steves Dicams - Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS - User Review

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Canon pro90 is manual:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates