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I still own an L105 purchased around 2006 and this unit mows an acre and a half about twice a month. Neither unit is perfect but if I were rating just for dependability only I would have to give both five stars. Pierce, FL : 772-461-5568 or Rose ** to contact direct them and find-out on your own. I don't know why you all are having so many problems with your John Deere LA125. I purchased a new john deere 1023E on August 7, 2016 for $17922.50 with all the attachments.

John Deere LA135 tractor

I contacted Central Jersey Equipment about this issue, which happened within 20 days of the purchase and they have done nothing.

Top 543 Complaints and Reviews about <b>John</b> <b>Deere</b>

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The only thing I do not like about this unit is the narrow 42 inch cut and it is slow. I use John Deere oil and parts on both units and they are washed little but kept out of the rain. I am not sure how they come up with that because I put approximately 3 hours on the machine.

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Don't use it; 5w30 synthetic Brgs recommend, Try it.

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Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 96 Rates