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Product Name: Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear USB Headphone Amplifier Product Type: Linear USB Headphone Amplifier Price: $1849.00 (1449 w/o USB) Reviewed By: Chris Croft, Tested By: Steve Holding Magazine: Australian Hi-Fi Magazine Nov/Dec 2007 Distributor: Busi Soft Who Sells What/Website: Lehmann Norbert Lehmann is a hy sed and very talented engineer who operates from what must be the world’s best address for an audio company: Mozartstrabe, Koln, Germany.

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Controlledbass response, an exemplary tonal resolution and absolute ease over theentire frequency spectrum blend with the Black Cube Linear Pro to adramatic sound experience.

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I do wish, however, that he didn’t have such a penchant for naming his products ‘Black Cube.’ At least the orinal ‘Black Cube’ was black, even though it wasn’t a cube, but this latest ‘Black Cube’ is neither black nor a cube!

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The Linear Pro is a headphone amplifier which meets of even the hhestdemands.

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Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates