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Some engines never entered production, such as the Perkins 4.224, but were assned a family type. This development of the 4.236 series was desned to use the Perkins "squish lip" piston which gave emissions benefits although had lower specific output compared to conventional direct-injection engines. (4.7 L) diesel engine, rated at 86 bhp at 2,600 rpm. (5.56 L) diesel engine, rated at 108 bhp at 2,700 rpm and 240 lb ft at 1,500/1,750 rpm.

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In this List of Perkins engines, family type refers to the two letter desnation Perkins Engines gives each engine.

<b>Repair</b> <b>Manual</b> - Engine - <b>PERKINS</b> 1104D Industrial Engine 2.

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Produced as a Joint venture between Perkins, UK government and the then Austin Rover . 2691 United Kingdom-built engines and 454 France-built engines were produced for Massey Ferguson; 30,346 were produced for other customers. Although, the problems were solved quite quickly and the engine was relaunched as the R6 Mk2, with a reduced rating of 104 bhp at 2,500 rpm. (5.8 L) diesel engine, initially rated at 112 bhp at 2,800 rpm and later at 120 bhp.

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Engines that went out of production prior to 1978 may have been retroactively assned a family type to expedite parts support (this is the case with the Perkins 4.107). Used extensively in vans and lht trucks, Ford Transit, Bedford CA, some cars Opel Blitz, Alfa Romeo F12/A12, Alfa Romeo Giulia, SEAT 131.

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