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but after all, a lot of people use guitar effects to process their synthesizers - and back in the days when synths didn't have built-in effects, it was common to run Boss pedals in line from the output of a synth, to add chorus, flanger, delay etc.

DiTech® Harman India

The Ditech RP200 is a flexible pedal, contained in a metal encasing, making it very rugged and ready for live use.

DiTech Ventura Vibe review MusicRadar

DiTech RP360 XP Guitar Multi-Effect Floor Processor with USB.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a simple guide to the “personality” of a fuzz pedal out there, I will attempt here to help you get the most out of this primitive and fun effect. Germanium, (orinally ed Neptunium) type components existed in the electronics world as early as the 1940’s.

DiTech Ventura Vibe review MusicRadar

There are three knobs for Amp Type, Gain and Master Level, that double up to program various parameters of the processor, when in edit mode.

Jimi hendrix digitech manual:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates