Testo 608-H1 0560 6081 Large Display

The Testo 608-H1 low cost thermohygrometer enables you to have a continuous display of the current temperature and humidity values.

Testo 605-H1 0560 6053 Thermo

You can therefore use the measuring instrument in locations such as offices, warehouses, laboratories, garden centres or living areas to determine temperature, humidity and dew point.

<i>Testo</i> 605-H1 0560 6053 Thermo

Testo 608-H1 Thermo-Hygrometer from

We recommend you use the testo 608-H1 Low Cost Hygrometer if you are not interested in measurement data documentation and management, but just want to be able to view the current readings at any time. The thermohygrometer has an NTC temperature probe which displays accurate temperatures.

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The hanging and standing brackets enable you to either hang the thermohygrometer on the wall or to place on a table or a shelf.

Testo 608-h1 user manual:

Rating: 91 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates