Download Motorola Motorola Cable Box VIP

Move your TV so you can gain access to all the inputs. Place the Motorola cable box near the TV, making sure that you can reach an electrical outlet and the television with the cables that come with your cable box.

Motorola Dital Cable Box Dct2524 Manual

Plug the coaxial cable that stems from the wall to the "RD in" or "TV in" port located on the back of your cable box.

Comcast Hd Dvr User <u>Manual</u> - productmanualguide

Motorola 3400 Cable Box Manual -

Cables are usually 3 to 6 feet long; extensions are available at electronic stores if necessary.

Motorola DCX3200 Cable Box User Manual

Motorola boxes can be connected to various televisions, such as, LCD's, plasmas and standard televisions.

Motorola cable box users manual dct5100:

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