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In 1963 the company produced the cult model, the Petri 7S Circle-Eye System coupled rangefinder, leaf-shuttered model, that was used by some professionals in the 1960s, and that was so well built that this model is still used by enthusiasts today and has a following amongst street photographer artists. After the first model, the orinal product line cameras were named Penta for the domestic Japanese market and Petri Flex for export.

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This kit works on the Petri 7 1.9 and the Petri 7 1.8 camera.

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Camera Company was an optical company and manufacturer of cameras in Japan. Prior to World War II, it was known as Kuribayashi Shashin Kōgyō or Kuribayashi Camera Industry, inc. This was followed by the very successful Petri 7S 11 in 1966 . The orinal Penta came with a 'universal' M42 screw type mount, while most subsequent models in the Penta, Flex and FT lines used the proprietary Petri breech lock bayonet.


The kit includes an optical view finder, TELE-WIDE FINDER, which attaches on the flash shoe and contains two optiy marked frames showing telephoto and wide angle.

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