Cluster Switch Setup Guide for Cisco

If you are using an ESX-type hypervisor, you need to import the OVA using v Sphere Client (or v Center).

Confuracion Catalyst 2960 Series Cisco -

We suggest that you also have a look in the Packet Fence Administration Guide, and in the Packet Fence Network Devices Confuration Guide.

Basic <em>Switch</em> Confuration 2.1 <em>Cisco</em>

Catalyst 2960 Switch Getting Started Guide

You will need to create a “TRUNK” profile to allow all VLAN tags (usually VLAN all (4095)), and assn the profile to the Packet Fence ZEN VM v Ethernet.

Basic Switch Confuration 2.1 Cisco

Make sure that there is only one virtual network card created, and also make sure that your v Ethernet is connected to a virtual switch (v Switch).

Cisco 2960 switch configuration manual:

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