Verifone Omni 37xx Installation Guide

The multi-core processor allows the Ruby2 to process functions with increased speed allowing for easier store and customer management.

Convenience Store POS Cash Register Ruby2 Verifone

The Ruby2 is equipped with hh-capacity processors allowing it to grow in functionality as business needs change or expand.

C-store Software and Site Controller Petro <u>Verifone</u>

C-store Software and Site Controller Petro Verifone

The sleek touch-screen hardware allows for more counter space and a smaller footprint for each work station.

For Verifone SFC - Franklin Fueling Systems

Ruby2 is compatible with the latest Verifone product offerings which include media solutions for customer engagement, site management software to efficiently manage multiple locations seamlessly, and the latest in fuel control management.

Verifone console tech manual:

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