How to disassemble Dell XPS 17 L702X Inside my

Un-route all antenna cables from the to guided path on the top cover. Remove four screws securing the display hinges and one ground screw. Lift up the display assembly and separate it from the laptop base.


You can do it while the display is still attached to the laptop.

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In my model I didn’t have the second hard drive installed. Pull the optical drive to the left and remove it from the case. Remove three screws securing the palm rest assembly. In the optical drive bay you will find an opening where you can push on the back side of the palm rest. When you push on the back side, the palm rest will separate from the bottom cover a little bit. Continue separating the palm rest from the bottom with your fingers. Be careful, there are two cables connecting it to the motherboard.

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On the back side you can access the trackpad and power button board. Lift up the keyboard and place it upside down on the top cover. Before you can remove the keyboard it’s necessary to disconnect the data and backlht cables. Unlock both connectors the same way as explained in the step 13. Remove two screws securing display hinges on the bottom . Now it’s necessary to disconnect the display cables and wireless card antennas.

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