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From all-natural face packs to nourishing herbal hair masks to cold-processed soaps to chemical-free cosmetics (lip balms, kajal, lip gloss, etc.), with these ladies on board, it is only a matter of time till the Indian Skin and Hair Care market changes… If you are one of those hapless beings whose skin/hair problems haven’t been addressed by any product so far, drop a message to any of these ladies whose handmade products tick all the boxes rht- Organic (or all-natural but strictly chemical-free), handmade, vegetarian, free from animal testing, effective and pocket-friendly.

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For anyone who has seen the popular 90s cartoon series- Dexter’s Laboratory as a tiny tot, the dream of having a secret lab is a hard fantasy to escape from.

CannaSutra by Delta 9 Labs SeedFinder Strain

CannaSutra by Delta 9 Labs SeedFinder Strain

Merely 25 and bringing the much-deserved limelht to BON, Nishantainidevi exudes vibrancy.

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Ladies, be prepared for the bouquets coming your way! This lady is young, friendly and a CEO who’s juggling the onus of establishing Bio Organic and Natural/BON Organics as the ‘it’ brand of India.

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