Organic Beauty Wizards revolutionizing the Indian skin &

Well, the dream took the shape of reality for 15 Organic beauty wizards in India who have turned their kitchens and unused storehouses into bustling little labs where herbs, roots, fruits and veggies are sliced, juiced, and blended deftly into skin-loving potions.

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Ladies, be prepared for the bouquets coming your way! This lady is young, friendly and a CEO who’s juggling the onus of establishing Bio Organic and Natural/BON Organics as the ‘it’ brand of India.

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For anyone who has seen the popular 90s cartoon series- Dexter’s Laboratory as a tiny tot, the dream of having a secret lab is a hard fantasy to escape from.

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Let’s roll the curtains up and meet those 5 out of the 15 Organic Beauty Wizards who are revolutionizing the Indian Skin and Hair market. Nishantainidevi Chandrasekaran Where do I start from?

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