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This guide adheres to the spelling as seen in-game, exactly as shown on the screen.

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`' ``-':;`--' ' '`-^'' ' `-'| ' `-'`-'' ' '`-'' '`-'`-' ' KINGDOM HEARTS Re: Chain of Memories North American Release Play Station 2 FAQ & WALKTHROUGH By S. 123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789|123456789 =============================================================================== Welcome! If you find this guide helpful, thank you for clicking its "recommend" link at Game to help the next player find assistance. ------------------------------------------------ REMIXOLOGY! --- If you play KH HD Re Mix 1.5, a few changes have been made since Re COM U/C PS2, the release (as stated above) for which this guide was written. Four KH2-style attack cards were replaced with Days-style attack cards. As far as I know, that's it other than trophies and the aesthetic "upgrades". I've been reading the Re COM topics on the Re Mix 1.5 board at Game FAQs and the sources are reliable enough to give credence to the above, but remains wholly unconfirmed by me. Overview A.1 Spoilers A.2 Expectations A.3 Preliminaries B. Reference E.1 Cards E.1.1 Battle Cards - Sora E.1.2 Battle Cards - Riku E.1.3 Enemy Cards E.1.4 Map Cards E.1.5 World Cards E.1.6 Gimmick Cards E.1.7 Special Cards E.2 ASCII World Maps E.2.1 Maps - Sora E.2.2 Maps - Riku E.3 Miscellanea E.3.1 Controls E.3.2 Save Files E.3.3 Deck Building E.3.4 Boss Lifebar Stats E.3.5 Battle Spoils E.3.6 Battle Record Screens E.3.7 Game Manual Errata E.3.8 Event Room Criteria F.

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)| \ |-' | .| |,-||| | | ||- | ; | .|-'| | || || ||-'`-. Falconesque) Guide Version: 2.3.1 Last Revised: Friday, July 10, 2015 Best viewed with a monospace font, such as Monaco or Courier. Menus D.1 Menus - Common * D.1.1 Review Decks D.1.2 World Map D.1.3 Map Cards * D.1.4 World Cards * D.1.5 Status * D.1.6 Journal & D Report D.1.7 Settings D.2 Menus - Sora D.2.1 Review Decks * D.2.2 World Map * D.2.3 Map Cards * D.2.4 World Cards D.2.5 Status D.2.6 Journal * D.2.7 Settings D.3 Menus - Riku D.3.1 Review Decks * D.3.2 World Map * D.3.3 Map Cards * D.3.4 World Cards D.3.5 Status D.3.6 D Report * D.3.7 Settings E.

KINGDOM HEARTS Chain of Memories Official Strategy Guide.

Completing ALL of the collection's Days-related tasks and unlocking the KH 358/2 Days PS3 theme is now required. About this Guide H.1 Legal Info H.2 About the Author H.3 Revision History H.4 Acknowledgements * Shared topic; defers to or augments other same-named section(s). Do NOT select any "case sensitive" or "match case" option if offered, however.

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