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PS2 Attack Card PS3 Replacement Card-Stat Changes ----------------- ---------------- -------------------------------------------- Hidden Dragon Maverick Flare None (just looks different) Monochrome Total Eclipse None Follow the Wind Midnht Roar None Photon Debugger Two Become One Element: Physical, Strike B , Thrust B Two other KH2 attack cards -- Star Seeker, Bond of Flame -- also appear in Days and remain the same. Anyone wishing to donate a PS3 and Re Mix 1.5 is welcome to contact me; I'd gladly update this guide in exchange and trumpet your contribution. -------------------------------------------------------------- .:| CONTENTS |:. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions F.1 Series & Storyline F.2 Cross Platform F.3 Journal & Report F.4 Maps & Map Cards F.5 General Gameplay F.6 Challenges F.7 Cheat Devices F.8 Known Problems F.9 Trivia & Favorites G.

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/__/' _ _/ _ )__/_ _ __/ _ / )//)(/(/()//) / /(-(// /_) _/ .-,--. The new cards are found in the same place and unlock the same way as the old cards, so search this guide for the old card by name to learn how to obtain the new card. The trger for unlocking the second treasure chest -- and the second special treasure -- in each floor's Room of Rewards was changed. Sora's Lethal Flame sleht has been renamed Lethal Frame. As you continue with this guide, PLEASE keep these changes in mind and MAKE YOUR OWN ADJUSTMENTS as needed. Transcripts G.1 Journal Transcript G.2 D Report Transcript G.3 Annotated Bestiary G.3.1 Random Heartless G.3.2 Heartless Bosses H. Copy and paste the desired contents heading (such as "E.1.3 Enemy Cards" or simply "E.1.3") into your program's search or find feature.

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)| \ |-' | .| |,-||| | | ||- | ; | .|-'| | || || ||-'`-. Falconesque) Guide Version: 2.3.1 Last Revised: Friday, July 10, 2015 Best viewed with a monospace font, such as Monaco or Courier. Menus D.1 Menus - Common * D.1.1 Review Decks D.1.2 World Map D.1.3 Map Cards * D.1.4 World Cards * D.1.5 Status * D.1.6 Journal & D Report D.1.7 Settings D.2 Menus - Sora D.2.1 Review Decks * D.2.2 World Map * D.2.3 Map Cards * D.2.4 World Cards D.2.5 Status D.2.6 Journal * D.2.7 Settings D.3 Menus - Riku D.3.1 Review Decks * D.3.2 World Map * D.3.3 Map Cards * D.3.4 World Cards D.3.5 Status D.3.6 D Report * D.3.7 Settings E.

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Completing ALL of the collection's Days-related tasks and unlocking the KH 358/2 Days PS3 theme is now required. About this Guide H.1 Legal Info H.2 About the Author H.3 Revision History H.4 Acknowledgements * Shared topic; defers to or augments other same-named section(s). Do NOT select any "case sensitive" or "match case" option if offered, however.

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