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The camera did not have a USB port, so the only other way of getting data from the tape inside the camcorder to the computer (other than buying or borrowing (from a friend or library) some other camcorder or tape drive) would have been to connect the camera to the computer with the supplied video and audio analog cables (for TV connection).

Canon ZR800 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x

I had used it with my previous camcorder, so I knew the cable and the computer connection worked.

<strong>CANON</strong> <strong>ZR800</strong> <strong>MiniDV</strong> Entrada Microfono - YouTube

CANON ZR800 MiniDV Entrada Microfono - YouTube

It said you would need a Firewire cable and a Firewire (IEEE1394) connection on your computer, as well as video editing software and "the appropriate driver." The manual said, "A driver is preinstalled on Windows operating systems later than Windows 98 Second Edition and Mac operating systems later than Mac OS 9, and will be installed automatiy." It also said, more disturbingly, "The video transfer may not work correctly depending on the software and the specifications of your computer." The camera had a Firewire port, but Canon did not include a Firewire cable in the box.

Canon ZR800

I got a great deal on a used Canon ZR800 video camera.

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