Implementation of the sixth edition balance of payments

Since the last edition of the Manual, the 5th edition, which was released in 1994, the world economy has undergone considerable change due to new information technologies and the establishment of the free movement of capital.

New Balance of Payments Manual in 2014 - Oesterreichische

In contrast to BPM5, the 6th edition also comprises international investment position in addition to balance of payment transactions.

Implementation of BPM6 - European Central Bank

Balance of Payments and International Investment

These phenomena, which can be summarized under the term “globalization”, have led to dynamic developments in both world trade and international capital movements, and are accounted for in the 6th edition of the Balance of Payments Manual.

Implementation of BPM6 - European Central Bank

The Balance of Payments Manual (BPM) issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines presentational form, contents and structure for all countries of the world.

Balance of payment manual 6th edition:

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