Manual/ Auto-tuning Dital Display PID Temperature Controller and.

SPECIFICATIONSPower: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Displays: CURRENT TEMPERATURESET TEMPERATUREControl: ON/OFF, step type PID, continuous type PID AUTOTUNING for PID and LBA selection, LED Indicators LED Indicators Proportional Band (P): 0-full range (ON/OFF control when set to 0)Cold-End Compensation: ±2℃Resolution: 14 bit Sampling Cycle: 0.5 Sec Controller Relay Contacts: 250VAC 3A (resistive load)SSR Output Current: 40ASSR Input Voltage: 3-32 VDCSSR Output Voltage: 24-380 VACJK Thermocouple: 1 Meter Armoured Cable Service Environment: 0-50 degrees C Please note that attached manual is for another model but very similar to this model.

Single / Multi Loop Temperature Control - AceTRONIC Industrial.

An on/off controller will switch the output only when the temperature crosses the setpoint.

Dital PID <i>Temperature</i> <i>Controller</i> with SS-Relay - waveinverter

Mobile Version - rck REX-C100 PID Controller Temperature

For heating control, the output is on when the temperature is below the setpoint, and off above the setpoint.

POT-100C / POT-102C POT-200C /POT-202C

On/Off CONTROL An on-off controller is the simplest form of temperature control device.

Rex-c100 temperature controller manual:

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