United States Air Force Human Systems Integration FY11.

The subject matter and order of presentation closely resemble DCID 6/9.

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No specific security measure contained in this Manual exceeds the requirements for physical security standards supporting Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) facilities.

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The JANNAF Vision.....enable global leadership in aerospace propulsion by responding to current and future propulsion needs of our country.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD POLICY AND CONCEPT Policy Statement Concept American Disabilities Act (ADA) Review GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE SAP Facilities (SAPFs) Physical Security Preconstruction Review and Approval Accreditation Co-Utilization Personnel Controls Control of Combinations Entry/Exit Inspections Control of Electronic Devices and Other Items PHYSICAL SECURITY CONSTRUCTION POLICY FOR SAPFs Construction Policy for SAP Facilities Temporary Secure Working Area (TSWA) Requirements Common To All SAPFs; Within The US and Overseas CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS Vault Construction Criteria SAPF Criteria When Using Permanent Dry Wall Construction SAPF Construction Criteria When Using Steel Plate SAPF Construction Criteria When Using Expanded Metal General GLOSSARY ANNEX A - SAPF Accreditation Checklist ANNEX B - Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) ANNEX C - Acoustical Control and Sound Masking ques ANNEX D - Personnel Access Controls ANNEX E - Telecommunications Systems and Equipment FOREWORD This Manual provides enhanced Physical Security Standards for Special Access Program Facilities (SAPFs) supporting Air Force, Army and Navy Do D SAPs and SAP-type compartmented efforts established and approved by the Executive Branch.

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