Groco K-H Manual Toilet - Defender

When a marine head goes bad there is usually a story to tell, and it’s never a good one. Even a properly working head can be awkward to explain to guests, “Well, you do your business, flip this lever, pump this lever and then don’t forget to flip that lever back or you can sink the boat! Often they ask for assistance that is neither fun to request or give. My boat has a Groco KH head, this is a reliable head with a large bronze pump.

Groco KH Series Heads -

I believe they stopped making the EB and now just make the K model parts are interchangeable and rebuild kits are always available. I just bough a new (old) boat , and this was sitting in the head compartment never mounted or used. Its large-bore, all bronze pump sits directly under the bowl eliminating the need to move waste into a separate chamber for discharging, thus creating a surprisingly small footprint. Footpedal water control allows the desired amount of flush water to be used and automatiy shuts the water inlet off when the foot pedal is released. Household-sized bowl 3" piston pumping mechanism Adjustable flow up to 4 GPM All bronze pump Adapts to all treatment devices Electric or hand operated models are available Repair kit includes: bowl gasket, gasket assembly, spring assembly, check ball, gaskets, seals, joker valve, piston rings and O-rings selling for $900.

<strong>GROCO</strong> Repair Kit for K <strong>Head</strong> West Marine

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Also .you like , there is a conversion kit to convert to electric flush.

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The pump has a lever on the side that you pump while letting in raw water with a pedal.

Groco model k h manual head:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 97 Rates