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Indeed, when pushing the arm in with paper, the red lht at the triangle indicator turns to green and the manual feed operates. Holding down the 'Job Cancel' button (the small button on top of the printer), power up the printer.3.

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The motor does circulate when lifting and closing the toner door.

HP <strong>LASERJET</strong> <strong>2100</strong> <strong>MANUAL</strong> <strong>FEED</strong> PDF-WWOM2MF-9-2

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The paper pushes it down to tell the printer the tray has paper in it. If it's down, then pry it up and gently wgle it and exercise it a few times to get it to stay up. That black plastic arm in the manual feed appears to be operating correctly.


However the problem is that with no manual feed paper in place, the red lht is on and the printer will not operate from the auto bottom tray. What you need to do is to reset it to Factory Default Settings.1. Continue holding down Job Cancel until all three of the indicator lhts come on and stay on (about 10 seconds), then release the button.4. The lhts will start cycling, then the printer will stabilize in 'online' mode. Just a thought moe: Could it be possible that tray 2 has a sensor flag that hangs down and senses how much paper is in tray 2.

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