Roomba 800 Series Owner's Manual -

In addition, once you open it up, you can see and clean all of the dust balls inside. The two subassemblies must mechaniy disengage Chassis fittings as a set; at least for the first few millimeters of movement.

Discovery/400 series Owner's Manual -

Steps in Ho B apply to the following Discovery models, in which the Handle is mounted on the Bumper and interleaves with the Cover: Roomba-Discovery, #4210Roomba-Discovery Replacement, #4211 Roomba-Discovery SE, #4220Roomba-Scheduler, #4230 Note: We have not had hands-on experience with the Discovery SE, or Scheduler models, but those bots are considered mechaniy identical to the #4210 Discovery, which is known to reward owners when the Ho B process is used.

<u>Roomba</u> 400 Series Disassembly and U2/U4 Charging

Roomba Discovery 4XXX & 4XX Servicing and

Here's the disassembly guide as well as a guide to fixing the U2/U4 Problem.

Roomba 400 Series Disassembly and U2/U4 Charging

Models #4210 and #4220 that were produced prior to, rougy, mid-2005, came with some removable parts that are ed "Fender Skirts" in these documents.

Roomba discovery repair manual:

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