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The MOTIF XS Editor VST, based on the “VST3 technology” by Steinberg, works as a VST3 plug-in with Cubase series 4.5 or later.

Cubase Essential – Getting Started

PART ONE MOTIF XS Editor VST is a convenient tool which lets you edit and save the various parameters of your MOTIF XS tone generator.

<u>Cubase</u> Essential – <u>Getting</u> <u>Started</u>

UR 12 Operatopm Manual

These include Voice and Mixing parameters (edited in the Voice or Mixing mode of the MOTIF XS) such as Volume, Pan, EG, and Cutoff and other settings.

Cubase Tutorial Recording Instruments Part One - Step by Step.

Alternatively, you can use the actual knobs, sliders and buttons of the Motif XS front panel – as instantly the software will reflect the changes of the hardware and vice versa.

Cubase 5 getting started manual:

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