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I've been a go-to person for several parts of the platform, and this includes Sites, the database tier of, site publishing, custom https domains, clickjack protection, inbound and outbound https connections, the reverse proxy caching layer for sites, IPv6, and our main production feature testing tool.

RedBot Kit - ROB-11988 - SparkFun Electronics

Welcome to the web site of Steven Lawrance, master of software engineering (MSE).

RedBot Kit - ROB-11988 - SparkFun Electronics

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Most recently, I led the implementation of custom https domains for Salesforce's site technologies, and this included tangential work, such as the domain management screens that were added in Summer '14.

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I enjoy building complete computing solutions at all levels of abstraction to automate business processes at a low cost, in a short time frame, and with hh quality.

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