Smith and Wesson Model 1000

The long-recoil Browning Auto-5 shotgun (which by now was being produced for Browning by B. Miroku of Japan) had its loyal following, but its aging early 20th century desn and “legendary recoil” made it a poor choice for all-round use, especially in the increasingly popular clay-target sports.

Smith & Wesson Model 1000 12 gauge Shotgun Reproduction Manual

One notable entrant was Smith & Wesson, a handgun manufacturer from Springfield, Massachusetts.

<em>Smith</em> & <em>Wesson</em> <em>Model</em> <em>1000</em> 12 gauge <em>Shotgun</em> Reproduction <em>Manual</em>

Fixing The S&W/Mossberg Model 1000 - Gun Tests

As clay target sports and shotgun use in general became more popular, other manufacturers entered this expanding shotgun market.

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A trip to any trap or skeet range would convince any observer that this was the most popular semi-auto shotgun of its day.

Smith and wesson model 1000 shotgun manual:

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