Free Sharp Flat Panel Television User Manuals

No picture, no sound, just a black screen and two blinking green lhts at the bottom of the tv.

Sharp lcd tv power button flashing - HDTV - Streaming Video & TVs.

Anyway, you can go to you live in the US) and search for the owners manual for your model, or try looking at the FAQs as well.

Free <u>Sharp</u> Flat Panel Television User <u>Manuals</u>

Sharp LC-32SB24U problem - YouTube

Presumably it's out of warranty so take it back to the dealer -- a TV is a consumer durable and should certainly endure a lot longer than the warranty.

Sharp LC-32 1 Blink TV Repair How to Troubleshoot Problem.

If the retailer starts quoting the warranty period, quote back the bit in the warranty that says it does not affect your normal consumer rhts.

Sharp lc c3234u manual:

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