Dolby Media Meter User's Manual - Minnetonka

I'd rather not spend the $3k if this is a work around.

Software Upgrade README - Downloads - Orban

I would hate to work on this only to have it sent back from Discovery and the production manager rip me a new one.

<u>Dolby</u> <u>LM100</u> Broadcast Loudness Meter <u>User</u>'s

Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter User's

I have the Dolby Media Producer Suite which includes Dolby Media Meter.

Advanced Audio - PRODUCT MANUALS

Discovery has just sent us a spec sheet that states that all of our audio must be analyzed with an LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter with short term dialog levels set between -22 and -32 and infinite term levels should be between -26 and -28.

Dolby lm100 user manual:

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