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As such, it is desned to provide only the basic information necessary for this purpose. Development of the Brief Scales for Coping Profiles (BSCP) for workers: basic information about its reliability and validity. (1978) Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenics (Z4) Addington, D., Addington, J., Schissel, B. (1976) Cancer Behaviour Inventory (Z3) Merluzzi, T. (1999) Cancer Rehabilitation Evaluation System (Z3) Ganz, P. (1990) Capacity to Report Subjective Quality of Life Inventory (Z2, Z5) Josephine, G. (2006) Coping Across Situations Questionnaire (Z6) Seiffge-Krenke, I.

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Below you will find a search facility and a list of the scales. The following information will assist your use of this facility: 15D questionnaire (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9) Sintonen, H. (1982) Aberrant Behavior Checklist (Z2) Aman, et al. (1999) Autoquestionnaire Enfant Image Questionnaire (AUQUEI) (Z2, Z6) Manificat, S.

P & B Truck Accessories - DVD Players

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It does not provide details of psychometric performance. San Ei Shi (2004) Brief Symptom Inventory (Z1) Derogatis & Spencer (1982) Burden Scale (Z1) Pruchno, R.

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It does, however, provide references to articles that report on the psychometric characteristics for each scale.

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