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Up until today, the VX1000 is used among cult skateboarding filmmakers and it has already become one of the strongest symbols of the street skateboarding culture since it has featured in the most iconic videos over two decades.

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The VX1000 was based on Sony's earlier VX1 (PAL) and VX3 (NTSC) Hi8 camcorders, which were similarly intended as "prosumer" models, targeted at both hh-end consumer and low-end professional users.

BDV-E2100 Home Cinema <i>Sony</i> SG

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The Sony DCR-VX1000 was a DV tape camcorder released by Sony in 1995, replaced by the DCR-VX2000 in 2000 and the DCR-VX2100 in 2004. With three 1/3-inch CCDs, a dital sensor resolution of 410,000 pixels, and an analog horizontal resolution of better than 530 lines, its resolution and video clarity were nearly unsurpassed, even by models far past its price point.

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In the mid-1990s, Sony began to move away from Hi8 tape in favor of the emerging DV format, and as a result the VX3 and VX1 were discontinued in 1995.

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