How to Burnout RWD/FWD Auto & Manual - YouTube

And finally, to get the wheels spinning, your car must have b enough balls to overpower the tyres’ grip.

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As a regarded 'motoring authority', we know that nothing impresses girls more than a well-executed burnout.

<b>How</b> to <b>Burnout</b> RWD/<b>FWD</b> Auto & <b>Manual</b> - YouTube

How to do burnout with a manual FWD?

Firstly, you need a car (you really should’ve worked this bit out already).

How to Do a Burnout 9 Steps with Pictures - How

Hmm, on reflection maybe we mean 'less' rather than 'more', but for a caveman style adrenaline hit, burnouts are still up there So, how do you pull off the ultimate burnout?

How to burnout in a manual fwd:

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