Standard and grsec patched Kernel images for all ARM-based

Netgear recently released a firmware upgrade for its popular line of Ready NAS devices.

Netgear RAIDiator 5.3.6 Review & Rating

It doesn’t offer much improvement to the management and cloud capabilities of a Netgear NAS and actually makes management a little more complicated.

<u>Netgear</u> NV+ v2 and LaCie 2b NAS A Second Look -

NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+ v2 NAS Server - Benchmark

Download and New Capabilities You can download the latest firmware from

Netgear NV+ v2 and LaCie 2b NAS A Second Look -

The upgrade is a major release, and Netgear's main push behind it is to make the Ready NAS Duo and Ready NAS NV more cloud-friendly.

Netgear readynas nv v2 manual:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates