EyeClops Mini Projector How-to video - YouTube

Instead of buying a bger screen TV, you can use the projector as a suitable alternative.

How to Hook Up TV to an Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment.

To hook up your TV to the Expedition projector, you need an RCA cable that can connect to the A/V ports on both devices.

<i>EyeClops</i> <i>Mini</i> <i>Projector</i> Toys & Games

EyeClops Mini Projector How-To - YouTube

The maximum display size is 10 feet, which is ideal for showing TV shows to a large of people.

EyeClops Mini Projector Toys & Games

The Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector can display video programming from your TV on any wall.

Eyeclops mini projector instruction manual:

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