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5 Galileo showed the falseness of Aristotle’s claim with a single experiment—dropping heavy and lhtobjects from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Hewitt, Lyons, Suchocki & Yeh, Lab Manual for Conceptual.

6 A scientific fact is something that competent observers can observe and agree to be true; a hypothesis is an explanation or answer that is capable of being proved wrong; a law is a hypothesis that has been tested over and over and not contradicted; a theory is a synthesis of facts and well-tested hypotheses.

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2 In Conceptual Integrated Science, we believe that focusing on math too early is a poor substitute forconcepts.

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4 Nonscientific hypotheses may be perfectly reasonable; they are nonscientific only because they are not falsifiable—there is no test for possible wrongness.

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