MSI 785GTM-E45

Just wondering, which is best, build Aton X4 620 with msi 785gm-e65 or aton x2 5000 msi 785gtm - e45 when I success unlock it to Phenom X4 fx5000..... The Aton x2 has only two cores total built onto the processor. The Phenom x2 is a dual core, but it actually has four cores with two locked or turned off. thats like taking a turd and putting it in a tootsie roll wrapper and ing it a tootsie roll!!! Just because some people claim it to be so does not make it so...

Unlok aton x2 5000+ to phenom fx 5000 - AMD - Off-Topic.

I've got plan to help my friend build his r with minimal budget, so I kept interesting this trheat in mind. They do the success story by unlocking this Aton X2 5000 to Phenom X$4 fx 5000 even they can reach 3,2Ghz from the stock clock 2,2 Ghz with stock Vcore..... The aton is not a phenom and they are not even remotely related, they are physicaly built differently !!

<i>Msi</i> <i>785gtm-e45</i> wont boot from dvd - Open Source Software - Tom's.

Msi 785gtm-e45 wont boot from dvd - Open Source Software - Tom's.

I've heard from some, thet Aton X2 5000 could be unlock into Phenom X4 FX 5000 with the msi 785gtm-e45, because the socket is Am2. Much like the Phenom II x2 can become the Phenom II x4! They are 2 totaly different chipsets made completly different.

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NO Where does the aton just magicaly become a phenom.

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