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The water will stop draining and when the load is finished, the garments are sitting in a large pool of water.

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I have left the door off at the bottom because of the frequency of having to do this task. Tablets, vinegar, hot water washes, leaving door open, clean cycle, none of this will eliminate the mold problem. As for the underside I am trying to devise something rht now, such as dowels. I bet they've all been cautioned to not purchase these types of washers.

<u>Whirlpool</u> <u>Duet</u> <u>Sport</u> <u>Washer</u>, will not drain

Whirlpool Duet Washer Instructions Manual

Did you know that many appliances bearing the same name are produced by different manufacturers?

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The service and repair manuals often refer to the orinal base model before it was rebranded.

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