LabVIEW Data Acquisition Basics Manual

Smart snal conditioners compensate for the errors and extract the true snals from the dross.

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An ammeter measures current, a voltmeter measures the potential difference (voltage) between two points, and an ohmmeter measures resistance.

<i>LabVIEW</i> Data Acquisition <i>Basics</i> <i>Manual</i>

User manual for Microprocessors and Embedded Controllers

Old measurements, new ques: DSP drives speed and accuracy; coherence saves the day - DSP ques lead to faster, less costly frequency-response tests and enable the use of a powerful concept, the coherence function, which acts as a watchdog to help identify and quantify common but easy-to-miss measurement errors. Smart conditioners rub out sensor errors - Bridge-type, piezoelectric, and other sensors are subject to nonlinearities, as well as gain and offset errors.

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A multimeter combines these functions, and possibly some additional ones as well, into a single instrument.

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