Manual of Bodily Health - the open 5e SRD

Have I remembered the procedure for using this item correctly?

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Could someone remind me of the procedure for using it, and just when the effect is supposed to kick in?

<i>Manual</i> of <i>Bodily</i> <i>Health</i> D&D 5th Edition on Roll20 Compendium

Manual of Bodily Health - Baldurs Gate

;vkng; Hi, this is what I found on a different page: "If you find "The Manual of Bodily Health" you can use it to raise your constitution. Hasn't made any difference yet; however, my party still needs to report completion of another mission (in this case, clearing Stojanow Gate), so maybe doing that is important, too.

Is the Manual of Bodily Health retroactive? Baldur's Gate.

My POR character party found the Manual of Bodily Health some time ago, but I haven't gotten around to using it yet.

Manual of bodily health retroactive:

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