How to convert an automatic to manual transmission Mobil Motor.

If you'd like to do this on your E36, autoevolution offers you a DIY thanks to a forum post we stumbled upon. Take your time, it will take a while, especially since this is the first time you do it. Usually, when replacing the clutch you are actually replacing 3 pieces: the pressure plate, clutch disc and throwout bearing.

E46 M3 6-speed transmission swap into the E36 - UUC Motorwerks

The actual replacing of the clutch takes around 10 minutes.

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BMW 3 Series E36 Clutch Replacement DIY - autoevolution

The hard part is getting to the clutch and taking all the other stuff that goes around the car's transmission out of the way. They mht turn this into a nhtmare, leaving your car unusable. The E36 is an old car and the bolts will surely by stuck.

Install Automatic to 5speed Swap - E36-

Other parts will not wear down so easy so you don't really have to replace them (parts like the fork, pivot spin, guide tube, etc.) For this job you will some special tools.

Bmw e36 auto to manual swap diy:

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