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The actual replacing of the clutch takes around 10 minutes.

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The hard part is getting to the clutch and taking all the other stuff that goes around the car's transmission out of the way. They mht turn this into a nhtmare, leaving your car unusable. The E36 is an old car and the bolts will surely by stuck.

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If you'd like to do this on your E36, autoevolution offers you a DIY thanks to a forum post we stumbled upon. Take your time, it will take a while, especially since this is the first time you do it. Usually, when replacing the clutch you are actually replacing 3 pieces: the pressure plate, clutch disc and throwout bearing.

BMW 3 Series E36 Clutch Replacement DIY - autoevolution

While you're at it, it is recommended to replace the pilot bearing too.

Bmw e36 auto to manual swap diy:

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