A Tale of Two Porsche Seven-Speeds Manual and PDK - Tech Dept.

Early automatic transmissions greatly reduced the driver’s workload, but they were expensive options that sapped acceleration and fuel economy, and they were often not as smooth as their manual counterparts.

The PDK Transmission Issue 226 Excellence

Automatic transmissions have undergone a cal revolution over the last couple of decades thanks to microchips, sensors, and computer processing, progressing to the point that the manually shifted passenger car has become almost extinct.

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These issues would continue to plague automatics for decades, hardly ideal for a component that was sold as a luxury feature and cost more money.

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Today’s automatic transmissions are far more sophisticated than their predecessors, and the industry’s best shift gears more quickly, deliver better mileage, and are much smoother than any gearbox operated with that third pedal.

Porsche pdk or manual:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates