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I am very disappointed in their product and their service. Just dissapointed and have yet to hear back from "support". The company will not get in touch with me to get this problem taken care of. Bought Cyberhome 1500 and, like everyone else's, it stopped working 4 months later.

Cyberhome Ch-dvd 300 Owners Manual

Radio Shack sometimes sells cheap DVD players and they are a little easier to get in contact with. NOW it does not want to open---it just says "reading" "open" "reading" "open"....=( why are these stupid people that make them still in business?!? I received a cyberhome dvd recorder on january 04 (paid over $300). What a piece of junk, it won't record, it locks up like a computer with the old windows. I have been on hold for 30 minutes now, waiting for them to pick up. I would definitely not put this on my WORST ENEMY!!!!

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I was excited about the low price I paid for the Cyberhome CH-DVD 300... The new unit I received worked for about a week and now will not play any DVDs. Evidently one of the two micro-switches that detects the door is closed has gone bad. Well, since it's making the rounds, I purchased the model 712 from HSN online. They were supposed to ship me a new battery, but I'm anxiously awaiting that to happen about the same time that elephants learn algebra. Well, the second one had a scratch on the upper rht hand corner of the screen, and when I turned the power on, guess what???? Now how in the name of Geez-O-Pete am I supposed to converse with ol' what's his face??? Purchased Cyber Home CH-DVR 1500 from Walmart 8 Months ago. From what I've read, all R/ RW stand alone recorders eventually fail in one way or another.


But after 2 months I've had nothing but problems. I have made 2 attempts to contact customer support to return the 2nd player they sent and have not heard back from them. I will just short the connection with some aluminum foil and it good. I had to ship it back, get refunded and order another one (mind you, refunds take 1-2 billing cycles - but they get their money immediately.... I've tried one last time by going to the website again and getting in touch that way, and if they don't answer, forget 'em, I'll buy one for $1,000 just to say that it didn't come from Cyberhome. Izd Off We bought a cyberhome DVD player for my daughter's room, used it 3 times in 2 weeks and now it won't play any sound with the movies. It worked ok for 6 months then the usual failures occured(unresponsive controls,"READING" "OPEN" display etc.). I like the format but think I'll wait for the next generation of players to see if they can resolve the problems.

Cyberhome ch-dvd 300 service manual:

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