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You can properly wire a JVC stereo to your car with the correct tools.

JVC CD Receiver KD-R800 Lecteur CD manuels, guides d.

Yellow-12v positive constant supply (battery) red-12v positive switch (nition on) black - ground blue or orange-remote wire to amplifer white-front left speaker grey- front rht speaker green-rear left speaker purple-rear rht speaker obviously the black stripe on the other same coloured wires means neg polarity there is also a wire for auto radio antenna, illumination and possibly a mute function wire.

Tu cherches <b>jvc</b> kd? - Toutes les réponses sont ici

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Although the wiring desn in every JVC car stereo varies, the installation process is similar regardless of the model.

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JVC produces stereos that range widely in price, but contain basic wiring.

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