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The monitor believes there is no snal coming from the computer.

MSI 870 C45 motherboard for PC Gaming by MSI - Game Debate

To do this I removed the graphics card (which hid the OC Switch) moved the switch to the 10% (lowest) over-clock setting then replaced the graphics card. There are no beep codes emitted by the system and all fans (PSU, CPU and graphics) do run.

<em>MSI</em> <em>870-C45</em> service <em>manual</em> download pdf repair instruction scheme.

Msi 870-c45

Hi all, I tried to boot over-clock my system via the OC Switch on the motherboard.

C45 MSI Deutscand Motherboard - The world leader in.

However nothing allows the PC to boot nor display on the monitor.

Msi 870-c45 user manual:

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