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STELLAR® Basic 3-Phase Soft Starters (SR33 Series, 15.5A - 350A) SR33 series solid state soft starters provide many advantages when used instead of electro-mechanical contactors to control 3-phase AC induction motors, and are desned to fit in place of existing wye-delta starters.

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SR55 series starters have an Automatic Application Setup that fully confures the starter for a specific application with one entry.

Joliet Technologies – <em>ABB</em> ACS 600 Adjustable Speed AC <em>Drives</em>

Joliet Technologies – ABB ACS 600 Adjustable Speed AC Drives

And the SR55 series has built-in internal bypass relays and patented i ERS (intellent Energy Recovery System) that reduces energy costs when used on lhtly loaded and oversized motors.

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SR55 soft starters are fully dital, and use thyristors in all three motor phases for controlled reduced voltage motor starting and stopping.

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