La vorágine" de José Eustasio Rivera remolino

Philip was patient at first, but after a time he had Lucrecia arrested, along with her cohorts, and ultimately tried for sedition.

The purity of the samurai history and politics in Yukio

It is not often that an ordinary person is selected by fate to play a snificant role in other people’s lives beyond the immediate family, and to have that unique life documented by official government agencies.

La vorágine

Hispania. Volume 75, Number 1, March 1992 Biblioteca Virtual

After the trial she resumed her nonentity status and disappeared from history.

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She became notorious when she predicted the death of the marquis of Santa Cruz, the commander of the Invincible Armada, and also the defeat of the Armada itself a full seven to eht months before the events occurred.

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