Download free At&T Samsung Blackjack 2 Manual software

I recommend doing this with the device connected to power or with a fully charged battery.

At&T Samsung Blackjack 2 Manual

How can someone go about doing a hard reset on this device?

<b>SAMSUNG</b> <b>BLACKJACK</b> USER <b>MANUAL</b> Pdf Download.

Download At&T Samsung Blackjack 2 Manual free

You will be prompted to select 1 for reset or any other key to cancel.

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If you’re looking to wipe the device clean and return it to factory settings – that means removing all of your personal settings and data stored on the deivce, then the easiest way is to press Start \ Settings \ Security \ Reset and then follow the prompt to wipe the device and/or the storage card.

Samsung blackjack ii instruction manual:

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