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(And you should know that this fall BMW will massage that 2.8-liter engine into a 3.0-liter, and what tattoo that convertible will eventually bear, we dunno.) What's new?

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There, amid cocktail tables stocked ever so nicely with Spanish olives and Jerez sherry, was a brand-new 323Ci -- perched precariously atop the windshield header of another 323Ci.

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That sleekly angled windshield also serves as an immensely strong rollover bar that is integrated into the A-pillar, and working with a pair of steel hoops located behind the rear-seat headrests that will pop up in a hairy situation, it protects like a race car's roll cage. This is the third-generation convertible of the 3-series, the first of which appeared on our shores in 1987.

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Okay, there were some guy wires holding this bit of theater securely in place -- it simply wouldn't do to crush an automotive writer at a press launch; poison is, after all, much less messy and traceable -- but the message was clear.

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