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In these cases, a plug-in may not be able to do all its work in "real time", meaning it will delay the re-introduction of the processed path until some future time. If you're using a DAW that has PDC built into it (and most do), you don't care.

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Usually, this is measured in either samples or milliseconds. Many plug-ins do not introduce latency and do their processing in real time. If you're using Protools LE or MP (which don't have it), then you mht. Remember you can use the "Alt Command" to toggle all the tracks.

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Usually if a delay is short (50 samples or less), the delay that is introduced is very short ( delay = (samples_delayed / sample_rate) * 1000 ). if it's on a percussion or bass track where timing and feel could be impacted, then you should care. In Protools, go to the mix window and go to the bottom of the track where the volume is display .. Note that if you have more than one plug in your insert chain, the delay is the cumulative total through inserts A-E.

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Sometimes, the algorithm is computationally intensive or requires a wide buffer of samples in order to do its job.

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