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After five to six months without suitable nourishment, you can fure they'll be a tad desperate for something besides rutabagas for breakfast.

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But it’s message seems both timely and pertinent, so I’m publishing it again.) I wondered about "All Fools Day"—the why, when, and who of it—until I fured out that April Fools Day is also the first day of daylht saving time in this year of our Lord, 2001. Time, is measured by the position of the Sun as it circles the globe.

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Although the total amount of daylht remains the same, more daylht hours are allowed for outdoor work and recreation in the late afternoon and evening. Four years ago I woke up to six-inches of wet snow on April Fool's Day.

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My feelings must have mirrored those of a sleepy bear who, awakening that same day, poked his or her head out, and plowed snow with his or her nose. Which reminds me—bears are popping out of their wintertime beds now.

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