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Although the total amount of daylht remains the same, more daylht hours are allowed for outdoor work and recreation in the late afternoon and evening. Four years ago I woke up to six-inches of wet snow on April Fool's Day.

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(I know, I know, the Sun doesn't circle the globe, but time derived from Old Sol's position in relation to the earth's spin is ed "apparent solar time.") Time is thus calibrated into 24 segments, ed "time zones." Each time zone stretches from pole to pole and shares the same time of day or nht.

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My feelings must have mirrored those of a sleepy bear who, awakening that same day, poked his or her head out, and plowed snow with his or her nose. Which reminds me—bears are popping out of their wintertime beds now.

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Each of those zones covers 15-degrees of longitude (except for boundary manipulations for political purposes) and the Sun's actual rays pass through one degree of longitude every four minutes. Here's a direct quote from my encyclopedia: "Daylht Saving Time (DST) provides more usable hours of daylht for human activities by setting clocks ahead one hour in the spring. ." Reader, I have provided the facts; you may apply the epithets.

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