Thule Chariot Bicycle Trailer Kit Installation Video -

But I don’t have the space to store different carriers, nor do I want to be packing and repacking different strollers with all the items that come with the baby: water bottle, snacks, toys, hats, jackets, diaper kit.

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I’d rather have one system that does it all – that allows me to grab my groceries and go for a bike ride in the same hour.

Thule <b>Chariot</b> Bicycle Trailer Kit Installation Video -

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Out of all the sporty carriers, joggers and burleys parked outside my local coffee shop, one brand looked like it knew what it was doing: Chariot.

Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Thule Australia

With it I also received the jogging kit and biking kit.

Chariot cougar 2 instruction manual:

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Overall: 92 Rates