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The WX3000-10G switch provide eht 1000 Mbps Ethernet ports, each supporting a maximum power of 30W, Po E (draft), plus two additional combo ports supporting up to 24 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n APs, while delivering unified wired and wireless access control functions.

How do I confure a guest/corporate WLAN setup with the MSM710.

Management Automatic radio power adjustment: automatic AP power adjustment features analyze user access status in real time, adapting power requirements based on environmental changes and providing hh-quality user access snal coverage.

AP not accepting its service <i>controller</i>. - Tech Support Forum

AP not accepting its service controller. - Tech Support Forum

Automatic radio channel adjustment: intellent channel switching and real-time interference detection provide the allocation of a hh-quality channel to each AP, reducing adjacent channel interference.

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The WX3000-10G switch is suitable for branches of large enterprise networks that require both wired and wireless access services.

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